cody bear's friends

“nap with me you big, scary jerk”
July 5, 2008, 9:52 pm
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i got back from volunteering and neither of the furpods seemed too enthused to play.  i have to honestly say, they’re not really becoming friends.  when cody bear tries to play with pickles she gets scared.  when she tries to play with cody bear, he gets irritated.  at least they have sleep in common. and treats.

pickles already rocks “sit” and “down” at ten weeks old!  cody bear, who knows more tricks than any dog i have personally ever met, seems reluctant to even sit or come when called any more unless treats are involved.

i think its part of the changes we’re all making….


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They have something else in common too: a great mom!

Comment by forkboy

Once their sizes equalize a bit they’ll probably play together more. I wouldn’t worry too much about Cody Bear wanting rewards to perform, he probably just wants to make sure he “gets his” with the little one around. At least he’s not like Tucker, who is a total mercenary when it comes to obeying! 😉

Comment by jamesviscosi

They are so cute! They’ll be fine.

Comment by Checkers

Love reading about your animals.

Yesterday, I attended a pool party at my son’s, Mike, who owns a yellw lab who loves people. There were about 30 at the party and Marley thought they had all come to visit him. He swam in the pool, shook water on people, grinned, and had a wonderful time.


Comment by Shirley

thanks for checking in on the pups everyone! they’re doing even better tonight. napped nose to nose about a foot apart!

Comment by goodbear

Don’t worry. It will take time. It took Clover over a year before she didn’t mind having Cosmo around .. they are best friends now, but sometimes, the older dog just needs some time off from the puppy. As she gets older, it will get better.

Comment by twobarkingdogs

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