cody bear's friends

when puppies fly!!!

i shall tell the tale of today in between puppy pictures from our early morning puppy socialization class…

first, woke up at 5 and let the dogs out.  pickles and i walk out like nothing has changed, but cody bear, my 4 year old aussie chow (the one who always tears through the yard hell on paws) would NOT venture into the yard.  he was terrified.  turns out, a coyote had been in our yard during the night. he’s fine now…

off to puppy socialization hour…

there weren’t as many puppies as last week, but pickles had the time of her life.  it was hot so she tired out early.  in that shot she had just exited the puppy pool. everyone was amazed at how much she has grown.

here she is being double teamed by a corgi and a border collie…which was fine with her.

after puppy class i dropped her home, checked on cody bear who was considerably less freaked and went to a friend’s for lunch and to take pics of her and her dogs.

(here is pickles flying over the grass with her new corgi friend)

then pickles’ first bath at the self serve dog wash.  she went nuts and absolutely hated it.  and her first order of business afterwards….getting as dirty as possible.

then the three of us took an awesome nap.  2 hours. we were all zonked.

the rest of the day was very unproductive.  and my mom told me it wasn’t nice to blog about the guy with the big sweaty belly.

and that was our day…

oh, wait, no…there’s more.  don’t get mad at me….

my cat likes to lounge on top of the refrigerator.

anyway….she flicked her tail just as i was shutting it and her tail got shut in.  she hates me now!


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It was great to see you both. Pickles is adorabe and incredibly cute!!!

Comment by Con

love the pics i have 5 dogs and love all of our 4 legged babies 3 pomeranians 1 chinese pug and 1 toy poodle keep me hopping to care for all the kids they have a big pen and spend the day out doors when we ( husband of 25 yrs and self) get home from work it is the crazy hour till they all finally settle down then after diner bedtime they all insist on sleeping on the waterbed with us so it gets a little crowed but it is fun!!

Comment by rosalita2006

i was glad you finally got to meet her con!
thanks for stopping by rasalita

Comment by goodbear

The first picture is my favorite. “Judo-chop!!!” Plus with the water coming off Pickles, it looks like in the old comics where they used to draw the sweat drops (or whatever they were) during the big action scenes.

Comment by jamesviscosi

She’s very confident with her own age group! 😀

Comment by Gina

you’re exactly right gina!

Comment by goodbear

That’s some wild corgi that Pickles had as a playmate. What fun! Pickles looks confident and happy.

Comment by Checkers

Sounds like the best thing for you on this day was the two-hour nap.

Comment by lavenderbay

[…] know it was on. it was hard to get her to hold still while putting it on because i had her buddy, cora, and her in my lap trying to play with each other. girls. . . we take a break for […]

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Great dog pictures. Thanks!

Comment by Puppy Lover

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