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olives? no olives?
July 8, 2008, 4:31 pm
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i used to divide the world into two kinds of folks: the ones who liked olives and the ones that didn’t. many people mentioned the olive division. but, as i was walking my dog today a silver subaru drove up to the stop sign we were crossing at….

i now divide the world into two different kinds of folks: the ones who smile when they see a dog walking and the ones who could care less.

the subaru driver smiled. obviously i’m a smiler, and if you’re visiting this blog, you’re probably a smiler, too.


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Oh yes I am a smiler!!! If you visit my blog there is a picture of me smiling!!!!

Comment by Daisy

When I see dogs, I’m not only a smiler but a chuckler, an ‘aawww how cuter’ and a petter (if allowed).

Comment by Gina

That’s me. Smiler AND commentator (usually “Awwww! Puppy!”)

Comment by forkboy

I’m a smiler and what I really love is how dogs smile back.

Comment by livingisdetail

Love olive oil. Hate olives. Always smile at dogs, even yappy ones. 😉

Comment by jamesviscosi

Don’t olives come from the bottom of martinis?

Comment by Checkers

A world without olives would be a sad, bland, world.

Comment by S. Le

I love olives & smile at dogs. Where does that put me in the world division?

Comment by Tony

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