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reinventing my monday

och, what a day. i’m almost too tired to blog. seriously.

monday. firstly, my coworker made it clear that he HATES me. but then i moved on, worked, left work and…

that’s my spare tire! yes, i had a flat today, but i won’t complain about it. i used my new AAA membership and they arrived almost immediately to fix my tire. i didn’t feel lame about not doing it myself. how could i? it took him less than 5 minutes to put the donut on!

went to discount tire and discovered the tire was under WARRANTY! i bet you thought i was going to be complaining, huh?

but wait….there’s more…

had to go to the book store to figure out what to say at the wedding i’m officiating on saturday. at first cody bear was moping because no one would cuddle him, but then as we were leaving…he was mobbed by three staff members. gush gush gush.

came home and witnessed an amicable nap time:

they get closer every day…

to sum up, pickles was following cb everywhere and he was perfectly smily about that.

oh, and did i mention…he got his bday gift in the mail today from his beloved aunt?

a john deere tractor squeaky toy? really? YES!

he was psyched about that AND the quarter pound of venison jerky!

then i left the dogs for happy hour wine and appetizers with a long lost friend. it was so much fun. i got home and both dogs wanted to play and snuggle.

disagree, i dare you: it was a good day!


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Glad the day turned out so well. Pickles is getting big!

Comment by jamesviscosi

Maybe this will make your Monday! 🙂

Comment by goodtimepolitics

yes, the consensus is she will be bigger than cody bear. around 50 lbs or so.

Comment by goodbear

My brother’s Rottie has gone through three of the John Deere tractors! Pickles looks very cute lying on her back.

Comment by Gina

That does sound like a very good day (except for the coworker bit). And as usual, love the smiling CB!

Comment by forkboy

Pickles must be feeling more confident with Cody Bear to be lying upside down next to him. My cute meter can almost not stand it – they are such sweeties.

Comment by livingisdetail

I like your spare tire. It makes your car look like one of those, what do they call them, oh, yeah, tuners!

Comment by Checkers

Oh, yes, I am very envious of the tractor! cody bear lives the life!

Comment by Checkers

i don’t know what a tuner is! is it bad?

Comment by goodbear

Maybe a tuner is car lingo for a “handyman’s dream”. Love the tractor!

Comment by lavenderbay

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