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mandibles…a love story
July 9, 2008, 5:22 am
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warning: big ass beetles in this post!

i went to visit a.h. (my entomologist friend) tonight then went to buy an outfit for her wedding. afterwards i pull into my driveway and i see this giant beetle on my garage door:

i run inside, hussle the dogs into the backyard for peepers, grab the camera and snippity snap! Pardon the lack of artistry, it was all about speed with this guy. (ok, i admit it, he wasn’t going anywhere)

hours later i take the merry pupsters out into the back yard for a bit of running and frolic. as i’m talking to a.h. about that first palo verde beetle above i see ANOTHER one JOGGING through the back yard. actually…she was sprinting. it was so big it was casting a shadow in the starlight!

hussle the dogs inside, grab the camera and snippity snap:

i sort of had to hunt her down with the maglight. she was moving fast and had covered alot of ground. as you can see, it is a different beetle, smaller antennae but monstrous mandibles. you see, according to a.h. & r. the males have the big antennae and the females the shorties.

now typically i want soulmates to find eachother, but i hope against hope that front yard beetle and backyard beetle never meet up. i HATE these punks. they fly too, ya know. these were both about 3.5 inches long.

here’s a tidbit about these behemoths: once they turn into beetles from their larval stage…they stay the size they are. they don’t actually eat. ok, so…some of them are huge. the one i saw last summer was FIVE inches. you can see why i almost went insane. so, right, they turn into beetles and then it’s all about fighting, procreating and making my life hell.

is your scalp itching???


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Please give A&R our congrats on Sat.
Con & L

Comment by Con

I for one welcome our new insect overlords!

Comment by jamesviscosi

will do c and l!
james, very wise trying to get on their good side!

Comment by goodbear

Make sure one of those beetles doesn’t steal your car!

Comment by Checkers

[…] mandibles…a love story […]

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I would say that those nifty bugs would help compensate for all the nasty prickly things…except if one of the bugs got into my sleeping bag.

Comment by lavenderbay

Check out Themarvelousinnature’s blog for Dobsonflies and their long and short mandibles. It’s icky, fascinating, and kinda comical.

Comment by lavenderbay

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