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mandibles: a love story part 2…still looking for the right bug
July 10, 2008, 2:50 pm
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warning: bug in post.

oh ok everyone. i know you think i’m obsessed with these giant beetles, but i have photographs that will put into perspective exactly how big this thing is.

last night i photographed her by my footstool out back (no where neeeaaarrr the house thank God) and this morning i photographed the footstool with a tape measure.

exhibit 1: the beetle

exhibit 2: the measurement

this would make this particular beetle over 3 inches!

now….check out her mandibles (brace yourself):

i haven’t seen the male from last night. i can only hope he doesn’t take a short cut through my house.  please sir, on your way to finding true love, please go the long way.  around the house.

here for part one of mandibles: a love story


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The female probably ate him!!!!

Comment by jamesviscosi

Hehe to Jim’s comment. 😀

Comment by Gina

That’s not a beetle, that’s some sort of pack animal!

Comment by Checkers

Its just a devil bug, it wont hurt you…….Its got a dog in its mouth!!!

Comment by hamptonite

Is that a bug or a small alligator????

Comment by Tony

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