cody bear's friends

the pickles moves to date

well, pickles has done a good job making herself home with her new family.

now that she has gained some confidence and isn’t terrified of every little move cody bear makes, some of her animality is starting to show.

here are some pickles moves:

  • she enjoys finding things in the back yard she THINKS she’s not allowed to have (dog toys, sticks, old broken bbq tongs, clothes pins) and running to her “secret” spot under an overgrown tree where no one else can fit.  neither cody bear nor i have tried to follow her or take anything, but she still acts as if it is taboo and she must dash away.
  • one of her new nicknames is beetlejuice because she loves searching for beetles and ….she tries to eat them. sometimes she succeeds.  fortunately i’m around when she tries to go head to head with the 3 inch long beetles.
  • she enjoys playing with her broom.
  • she tries to jump up to get cody bear to play, but if he acts like he’s going to….she slinks off.

so, that’s my girl.  she’s really cute, but….one of her ears is starting to stand up.  i keep telling her “keep your ears down. keep em down.” but, she’s not listening to me!!!  she is 11 weeks and 14.5 pounds.  she’s growing up too fast!


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I love how she’s hoarding her finds. Too cute!
Love that one little black toe.

Comment by Gina

They do grow up fast, don’t they? At least you don’t have to send them to college! 😉

Comment by jamesviscosi

Sounds like a happy gal. I love the black on one of her toes.

Comment by Checkers

I love the look of that toy — what a lucky dog to have such treasures in her own back yard! (And I know, the ears come up waaay too fast. sigh.)

Comment by eyegillian

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