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the smallest wedding crashers

yesterday nuptials for r. and a.h. pretty much took all day.  it was great.  but, i have to go to puppy class with pickles, so don’t have time to post much.  will do more after our class, after a nap and before the housecleaning i intend to procrastinate before….

the smallest and very welcome guests at yesterdays garden ceremony…

i was officiating, and was the first to arrive, so i had time to snap some shots…

i couldn’t think of better wedding crashers for the couple: an entomologist and an ecologist/biologist.

it was the beginning of a beautiful and fun day.


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So you were officiating…is that like in basketball where you call fouls during the ceremony? Three second violations? Is there a 24 second clock? Did you wear a striped shirt and carry a whistle?

The butterflies look tasty!

Comment by Checkers

These look like prettier and less troublesome wedding crashers than Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson!

Comment by jamesviscosi

not like that at all, checkers. ‘cept….we did have cheerleaders and a half time show!

Comment by goodbear

much less troublesome!

Comment by goodbear

Those are great shots of fluttery guests!

Comment by lavenderbay

Sounds like a wonderful day and with butterflies and bees to boot!

Comment by forkboy

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