cody bear's friends

mouth open, tail wagging?
July 14, 2008, 5:47 am
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many people have been asking me how cody bear is getting along with his baby sister, pickles:


demented and sad, but social”

initially cody bear thought playing was wagging his tail with his mouth open, but he’s coming around.

they’re doing pretty well, i think.  i just have to make sure cody bear gets some “face time” with me at least once a day.  and….i have to keep an eye on pick’s potty practices.  she’s had some….mistakes….


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Awright! Fake fights! Tooth hockey! They’ll be fine now.

Comment by lavenderbay

Demented and sad, but social? So … they’re in the physics club together? 😉

Comment by jamesviscosi

you doooo know your movies!

Comment by goodbear

They look like Alex & Mabel together – 1 huge & 1 small. The small one inside the mouth of the big one. But tails wagging!

Comment by elizabethews

Hahaha to James’ comment.
They look so cute playing together.

Comment by Gina

Looks like the beginning of some good ol’ fake fighting there!

Comment by Checkers

How wonderful to see them playing together! Soon, Cody Bear will be playing with Pickles so much that your job as dog entertainer will be at risk… and then watching the dogs play will be your entertainment. Enjoy!

Comment by eyegillian

You know…this series of pics reminds me of ones I have seen on another site: Look for the Chuck (dog’s name) pictures link nearer the top of the web page. You’ll have to select back through previous shots, but the woman who runs the site has plenty of pics of her latest pup doing just this sort of thing to the older dog, Chuck. Quite funny!

Comment by forkboy

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