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not allll bees are welcome at goodbear’s
July 15, 2008, 1:18 pm
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some cause for concern, but let’s remain calm.  my neighbors were outside my back fence last night, chatting.  a nervous type of chatting.  a young couple i’ve never met before.  what were they doing….ten feet from my back fence?  confirming that there was a honey bee hive in their water meter box.  well, crap.  i had intentions to get pictures, but as i got closer to the hive i got scared and retreated.  and you guys know how much i love bees!

so here is my one crappy shot:

as you can see, there is a large (and surprisingly ugly) honey comb in my neighbors water meter.  this water meter is 10 feet from the fence cody runs.  they said they were calling the city for removal, but just to be sure, i called, too. they wouldn’t do a work order for me since i don’t have the account number.

so, here’s what is going down:  obviously, with a 12 week old puppy we can’t be on lock down.  cody bear can’t continue his fence runs.  so, cody has to stay indoors while i play with pickles. she stays by my side and we won’t get any closer than 100 ft.  our yard is big enough with trees between.  his walk schedule will be “upped” so he can get his ya ya’s out.

after dark is free time.  the bees aren’t active at night.

the lid was removed from the meter without anyone getting hurt. makes me wonder if the city water guy already knows about it.  i hope it is gone when i get home today!

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Wow, that’s cool, in a scary kinda way. It’s interesting to see the beginning of a hive; maybe the bees get the comb more aesthetically pleasing with practice?

Comment by lavenderbay

We’ve had to go on lockdown several times over the years because of bees. Fortunately they have been traveling swarms for the most part, rather than actual hives. (If there’s no honeycomb but just a mass of bees, then it’s probably a traveling swarm.)

I hate having to call the exterminator on honey bees, but with the Africanized swarms it’s too risky to leave them. Here in California you used to be able to call beekeepers to come and collect hives, but that’s no longer permitted because of the Africanization.

Comment by jamesviscosi

It’s pretty spectacular in a uncomfortable and dangerous sort of way. Stay back!

So how did day 1 of fulltime go? Did the dogs eat your house?

Comment by elizabethews

Yeow! Bees are cute but I bet they don’t like visitors to their home. Hope the city gets with it soon!

Comment by Checkers

ok, i just got off the phone. they are going to remove the bees…after dark. ok…that’s cool. the lady on the phone was SUPER nice and helpful.

i am going to see if i can catch them in the action.

Comment by goodbear

Yikes…be careful!

Comment by Gina

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