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they’re gone, the bees are.
July 16, 2008, 4:50 pm
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as i mentioned in a previous post, there was a dangerous bee situation at my house. 10 feet from the fence you have all seen cody run along. and many of you have also seen my obsession with photographing bees. so it was a surprise to me that out of all the people i told my bee plight to, only one person, my friend m. the photographer, actually looked sad and said, “oh no, not you. you love bees!” you see, as elizabeth said, it was ” spectacular in a uncomfortable and dangerous sort of way.” yes, it was so cool to have such a giant honeycomb here, but it just was too dangerous. i can’t lose my dog, so several thousand africanized honey bees have been….eradicated. eradicated: remove or destroy utterly; extirpate.

here is a dead bee, BEFORE the eradication.

it is laying right where cody bear stops his run at the corner of the yard where he keeps guard over me and our home. so close. so dangerous. and as buzzybeegirl may confirm, when you find a dead honey bee nearby, it could mean a hive is VERY close.

i’m going to put a plug in for the city here. while you typically have to pay to have bees removed, if it is in a water meter, they will have it removed at no cost to you. i have to say, the woman on the phone and the guy in the field were SO polite and took me so seriously. and, especially leonard, they were ultimately very concerned for the safety of the people AND the dogs in my neighborhood. and while bees are easiest eradicated at night, he prompted the contractor to remove them before i got home from work while the dogs were inside. additionally, he thanked me sincerely for protecting one of his meter readers, for perhaps they could have been swarmed.

so how did this happen:

it turns out, over the past couple weeks the bees have been growing in numbers and had set up residence in two adjacent water meters. some idiot must have seen the bees entering the tiny hole and decided to remove the lid. whoever it was could have been swarmed. (incidentally, my boss asked me if i hired the bees as a security measure to keep the neighbor away from my fence)

in the future, if you have a water meter with a lid, simply put a brick over the whole. when the meter is read, the reader will replace the brick. leonard says the readers know what the brick is for.

here is an interesting fact about the bees: DON’T destroy bee colonies or hive, especially with pesticides. Honey bees are a vital link to U.S. agriculture. Each year, pollination by honey bees adds at least $10 billion to the value of more than 90 crops. They also produce about $150 million worth of honey each year.

but again…

there is too much at stake.

still sad. on saturday, buzzybeegirl and her honeylove were married. i did the ceremony. i read the ceremony from this:

i held it as a pastor holds his well worn leather bound bible. the couple read their own vows, which included how they have stood by each other through all the field work with the bees and other pollinators.

buzzy has taught me so much about bees this year. we have drank beers and sat waiting for them to return to nests, photographed them working the flowers. it is sad how relieved i feel that they’re gone.

do you want information on the colony collapse disorder? click here


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“Had to do it, you did. Sad but necessary, it was. To blame, the idiots who created Africanized bees are. Mmm.” — Yoda

Comment by jamesviscosi

awesome! i’ve never had a jedi comment on my blog before!

Comment by goodbear

Thanks for getting these helpful tidbits out goodbear. I don’t think most people know about the dead bee’s indicating a hive near by =)

Comment by buzzybeegirl

So you did officiate! I was wondering whether you meant “emcee” or whether you had a secret chaplaincy licence you hadn’t publically mentioned. Good stuff.
When I was a kid, I helped a drowning honeybee out of the town swimming pool. It didn’t reward me very well. The worst thing for me was knowing that because it stung me, it was I and not the pool water that ultimately killed it. I stuck to ladybugs after that.

Comment by lavenderbay

Yay for having new puppies! I got a new one myself this weekend and BOY, is it an adventure or what!

Comment by Lauren

Growing up in Florida I would inevitably get stung about four or five times a year while doing yard work, which must be done damn near year round. Still, I too love the bees and there is a major problem with the shrinking bee population, but sometimes the bees make a mistake and set up shop someplace they simply cannot be allowed to stay.

Comment by forkboy

That is sad goodbear but I agree, it was way too dangerous to let them stay. They probably prey on or at least push out the native bees in the area so they really were out of place.

Comment by livingisdetail

My personal assistant loved it that you officiated a wedding using a bee book. How cool is that?!

Bees, RIP.

Comment by Checkers

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