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wet paws and corgi kisses
July 16, 2008, 5:51 am
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if you’ve visited this here ‘lil blog you know that checkers’ world is one of our favorite blogs to visit. and i have to say, he is one of the reasons that….my next puppy is going to be a corgi!!!!

anyway…checkers’ (and recently nash) have shown us how special a corgi tongue thing can be. that being said, here is one of pickles’ new friends, presto, demonstrating his “treats-are-in-the-bag” tongue thing:

i believe the strongest muscles at puppy class are 1. the corgi tongue, and 2. the border collies’ (pickles and cora) energy level.

slosh slosh….


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Pickles sure loves playing in the water, doesn’t she? At the doggie beach in the provincial park last week, I was surprised to see how many herding dogs were lovin’ the lake, and how many retrievers were indifferent to it.
Cora is a nice red.
Be sure to take the LCS (Lesser Corgi Society) oath when you get your Pemmie or Cardi. You have to tell strangers all the disadvantages of the breed (barkiness, coat blowing, stubbornness) to prevent unscrupulous breeders profiting from everyone else on your block wanting a Corgi too!

Comment by lavenderbay

Cute kiddie pool! 😉

Comment by jamesviscosi

That corgi is just doin’ what comes naturally! Thanks for the kind words about my silly blog.

I agree with lavenderbay. Play up our “disadvantages”to throw folks off the “scent!”

Comment by Checkers

Pickles is super cute in her private pool.

Comment by Checkers

I second Checkers comment!

Comment by forkboy

Oh….hold it….how about this one….Is that your version of a Pickle jar?

Comment by forkboy

What a handsome corgi friend! And how exciting to think of adding a corgi to your kennel… but I have a hunch that might be a while, as your two are just settling in.

Oh, and I love that play pool — I’d love to get one for Cai and Fergus, but I don’t think our neighbours would appreciate the tidal waves that would slosh off the balcony!

Comment by eyegillian

So Cute! 🙂

Comment by Elle

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