cody bear's friends

hide your tub drains….

bath time in puppytown.  pickles just gets SO dirty!  i decided to take cody bear with us to the dog wash so he wouldn’t be home alone.

pickles went HOP (hell on paws) after her bath, but not in the same fashion cody bear does.

while cb likes to run HOP through peoples legs and engage them in the rampage, pickles concentrates on moving really fast and….playing with the tub drain.

while cody bear and emma look on in horror…

“make her stop. she’s embarrassing us.”

then she tried her hardest to irritate cody bear…

“there’s no wayyyy iiiii act this foolish after my baths.” says cody bear.

no schnauzer is safe!  she looks so skinny when she’s wet!

she got so rough with cody bear and so spastic, i had to physically hold her and do some doggie massage, which really calmed her down…..FOR NOW!


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Anything can be a toy in the paws of a puppy. 🙂

Comment by jamesviscosi

All these blurry shots of the 90-miles an hours Pickle could be called “Pickles Gone Amok!”

Comment by forkboy

That is so funny. I wonder what it is that makes them so happy and frisky after a bath….Oh maybe because….the bath is over! 🙂

Comment by Kathryn

My dogs do that after a bath too. So cute to watch!

Comment by Gina

Big paws and stacks of energy. At least she doesn’t have access to a smelly pile of mud to roll in after her bath. My dogs always did things like that…they really loved horse poo.

Comment by livingisdetail

The photo of Pickles racing the drain made me laugh out loud — great capture!

Comment by lavenderbay

Next to pickles, cody bear looks like the dog of wisdom, of reason, of all things mature and dignified. pickles is the silly thing all puppies are born to be!

Comment by Checkers

Hilarious photos! Love the tub drain toy. My dog used to roll all over the grass after her bath. Don’t know if it was to scratch, dry off, or replace some of the smells we washed off of her.

Comment by S. Le

LOL Pickles you silly! Such a ball of energy!

Comment by Lissa

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