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a box of beetles…
July 18, 2008, 5:58 am
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mmm. what goes well with beer?

well, if you ask pickles….it’s beetles!

but those little scarabs merely whet her appetite…

“what’s THAT? in that box over there?”

oh, it was just a box of palo verde beetles….

6 of them. found in my back yard. yes, pickles fancies herself quite the junior entomologist. she identifies the different species by taste….

here’s the junior entomologist now…

a more serious beetle post soon. with better pics. just had to get the gratuitous puppy shots out of the way!

fyi, those beer bottles were empty. i do NOT let my pets drink alcohol!

“more please!”


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Wow, professional equipment, a warm night, happy puppies and beer! What could be better?
Tell your puppies that before they tip the bottle back, they must peer inside to ensure no beetles or stingy things have fallen in.

Comment by lavenderbay

So which species tastes best?
In case I ever find my self needing a snack…

Comment by petmemorialworld

i think she’s going to say scarab, because so far she is unsuccessful at catching one of the big guys…

it sometimes looks like she is trying to herd the giant beetles.

Comment by goodbear

Wow, those beetles, with their wings spread, look like cargo planes!

Pickles is too cute, way too cute and way way too cute!

Comment by Checkers

She is so curious just like a puppy should be!

Comment by Gina

Wow, Pickles just seems to get cuter and cuter!

Comment by Laura

That’s just what you need — a flock of giant beetles being tended by your border collie!

“That’ll do, pig. That’ll do.”

Comment by jamesviscosi

i LOVE that movie james!

Comment by goodbear

My dog used to herd everything as well; people, cats (which can’t be done), other dogs. She was Australian Shepherd, German Shepherd mix.

Pickles is too young for beer, and should not mix beer and beetles. Wine is much better with them.

Comment by S. Le

[…] i’m not home now, but i do have a picture of an adult moth that we lucked out to find on our fantastic bug night! (more here, too) on my pc at home.  will post […]

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