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long horned cactus beetles snacking
July 18, 2008, 6:36 am
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typically i take dog pictures. and sometimes bees. but, the entomologist came over tonight with their nets and their lights and their beers. so i tried my hand at many bugs. some shots were ok, but damn i wish i had a macro. moving on moving on.

here is the long horned cactus beetle!

if you’re verrrry quiet, you could actually hear them chomping. there were many of them, at least 5 that we found, but probably several more inside the big mess of cholla cactus.

these beetles don’t freak me out. ok, they would if i found one IN my house.

the entomologists have left and i have showered the tiny moths from my hair. now i have to let the dogs out for one final potty break….but i hope all the bugs have left!


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OMG, cacti! And here we’re having all this trouble with plain ol’ pine cones?!
That’s really cool, being able to hear beetles munching.

Comment by lavenderbay

“Nets, lights and beers, oh my!” Isn’t that what Dorothy said in the Wizard of Oz? Looks like the beetles are getting the cholla back for sticking Pickles!

Comment by Checkers

That’s quite the beetle! I wonder if we have those here … we have cactus, but I’ve never seen anything eating them.

Comment by jamesviscosi

Curious: was a dedicated macro flash being used or a typical top-mounted one?

Love the pics. I’m feeling the need to macro!!!

Comment by forkboy

hi forkboy. this wasn’t a macro series of shots. and it is just using the flash that is on the 20d already. i’ve not moved ahead to buying an actual “big kids” flash.
but….i did try one out today. in about 10 mins i should have my shot up with my first studio session!

Comment by goodbear

I think you need a separate blog for bug pictures so that those of us who come here for cute puppy pictures (and who are EXTREMELY phobic of gross things like bugs and my ex husband) don’t load the page, and then instantly need therapy. 🙂

Comment by Drunkbunny

but…but…it said beetle in the post title. it did…

Comment by goodbear

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