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seeeee why i need a macro!?

in earlier posts i mentioned that last night my friends came over with some lights and equipment for finding moths and such.  (later i will post another installment of “mandibles: a love story”, a romance of epic proportions between what WAS two palo verde beetles, but now has turned into a full-fledged beetle orgi. but, i digress….)

anyway. a.h. came over with her canon digital rebel with her high power macro, and i used my canon 20d with my lens.  sigh. don’t get me wrong: my lens is PERFECT for dog photography. love it love it love it.  but if i’m going to continue with my bee photography obsession, well, i need a macro to fall from the heavens and land gently on my hammock.  i know, how unrealistic….i don’t have a hammock.

photo 1, taken with a.h.’s macro:

photo 2, taken with my 20d and the “perfect dog lens” (of course, these damn beetles are larger than some chihuahua puppies, if you ask me, so why am i complaining?)

makes your head itch, doesn’t it?


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Ummmm….did someone say ‘macro’? For your 20D I’ve heard very good things about the Canon 100mm f/2.8 macro!

I know it’s on MY wishlist.

Comment by forkboy


Comment by goodbear

Actually it makes me want to check myself all over to make sure I don’t have any bugs crawling on me. Yesterday I ejected a spider the size of a silver dollar from Trouble’s bed!

Comment by jamesviscosi

So this isn’t the longhorned cactus beetle, im assuming? We have these crawling all over my dad’s backyard in the second week of june for not too long, and then they just disappear until a year later. They’re only out at night, seven or eight at a time. We have to go and kill them every night. We’re trying so hard to figure out what they are! Does any one have a clue?

Comment by Taylor

hi taylor. that’s a palo verde beetle. nasty, aren’t they???

Comment by goodbear

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