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thems that share their beer annnd their knowledge
July 19, 2008, 2:09 pm
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back to thursday night.  i just wanted to post a little about my brainy friends, the ones who’ve gotten me into bugs.  (no gross pictures in this post)

i have never been the girl who was terrified of bugs.  i just had a problems with the big ones here in town that could potentially get in my house.  but, now, with a.h. and r. having such an impact in my life lately, i’m learning so much about insects and specifically falling in love with bees.  (never EVER to come close to my love for dogs and cats but still fascinating.)

anyway, why do i love them? a.h. and r. not bees.  the bees are obvious right?

they’re fun.  no worries with them, you can just be yourself and be silly.  and yes, they like beer, but they also play apples to apples and pictionary.  also, they’re not brainy snobby.  hello, r. has a ph.d. and he doesn’t WANT to be called dr.  i get kind of sick of people that make me call them dr.  these two have no stupid high ed egos.

i love this picture.  it’s what r. refers to as the ugliest insect in the world, but his beautiful wife is in the background getting dirty with spastic beetles:

also, they have a ton of knowledge to impart, but they do it as friends, and equals, they don’t try to dizzy you with big words and the like.  why is this important? because education is to share.  you don’t learn something important then keep it from others by hiding it in lingo that the common people don’t understand.

here they have set up a mini research station in my backyard….

r. and a.h. understand that to be a common person, a person WITHOUT an advanced degree in ecology or biology, etc. doesn’t mean you’re stupid.  it just means those subjects aren’t everyone’s thing. so they don’t talk to us like we’re idiots, they talk to us like we’re people.

and they love dogs.  at no time were they uppity about my cody bear and pickles tearing through the area with their equipment. they didn’t even consider telling me to put the dogs inside.

so, they’re very good friends, and they’re very good people.

and…if you feel like stopping by anna’s new blog, buzzybeegirl, please do so and welcome her to the blogging community!    tell her cody bear sent you: he’s trying to get on her good side for more belly rubs!


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It pleases me to no end to read such good things about your friends. It sometimes seem to be rare when folks who are very educated in a particular field are willing and able to share in a manner that isn’t snobby and condescending.

Comment by forkboy

I’ve studied a lot, and I’ve found that people who really love the stuff they’re studying aren’t snobs about it; if they’re in it for ulterior motives, e.g. the prestige of earning the title “DR”, then their unhappiness may come out in snobbery.
The lingo thing is tricky: every field has its jargon, and you don’t want to talk over people’s heads, but you don’t want to talk down to them either. If an expert and a layperson can get through this bumpy stage to where they’re both communicating on the same level, they’ve got it made.
Anyway, I’m glad you’ve got such great friends, and I appreciate seeing what the night-critter screen set-up looks like. Is the beer locally made?

Comment by lavenderbay

Thanks so much for such a heartwarming post goodbear. R and I love being around you and are so happy that you were so open to our buggy, beery lifestyle. This is why we do what we do, we love it, but there is also the teaching part of it. When we see people get excited about bugs it gets us excited. And as for the snobby people who do it for the fame and prestige (yes…we have met some) LAME.

Comment by buzzybeegirl

I have bugs….. I want buzzybeegirl and R to come to =my= yard & set up and teach!

Comment by Noodle's Robin

[…] i do have a picture of an adult moth that we lucked out to find on our fantastic bug night! (more here, too) on my pc at home. will post […]

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