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go ahead…smell the bug
July 21, 2008, 4:39 am
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i have some pictures of a bug, but it is a cute bug, so worry not!  this is the friendly and flavorful pentatomid we spoke of here and here

admit it: it’s not that scary.

as we mentioned a couple months ago, these insects allegedlyyyy taste like cinnamon.  but i wasn’t going to taste one, however…i did agree to smell one.  yes, it smelled like cinnamon….and cigarette butts.  but that’s just me….

admit it:  isn’t it pretty?  all irridescent green and purple with yellow rims and a yellow dot?

here is a different pentatomid….

this one also smelled like cinnamon, though it looks like it should be margarita flavor…

ohhhh, i’m digressing!


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It probably smells that way because these particular bugs like to hang around outside the 7-11 all day long smoking clove cigarettes. (This is a little known entomological fact. Check with Bee Girl, she’ll confirm it!)

Comment by jamesviscosi

that is hilarious…and, i’m sure, very factual.

Comment by goodbear

Beeyootiful little buggies.

Comment by lavenderbay

Ohhhhh margarita flavored bugs…..count me in (no salt on mine please)

Comment by hamptonite

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