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July 22, 2008, 4:56 am
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as much as he loves pickles, cody bear thought it was time he get away for some grown up dog adventures. naturally he thought it would be ideal to meet up with his travel buddy, checkers. but where to go?

checkers had a suggestion: due to the upcoming 2008 beijing olympics, china was temporarily removing “dog” from the menus. at least that’s what he heard at wordpress. there would never be a safer time to visit….as long as they packed their own food….

the forbidden city

the forbidden city

souvenirs included: a new jade bangle for cody bear’s p.a., a print from the national museum of china for checkers’ p.a., a year of the dog pendant for cody bear’s p.a., a pair of panda socks for checkers’ p.a. and fortune cookie squeaky toys for scruff, nash and pickles. cody bear and checkers wanted to also mention that they brought a message of peace with them to beijing: please don’t eat dogs and please ease up on tibet and please use safe ingredients in your exported pet foods.

olympic greetins from beijing!

the temple of heaven

the temple of heaven

the dogs agreed to skip the synchronized swimming events, neither of them loving water. they snuck into the gymnasium to see the women’s gymnastics, guessing correctly that the girls would go nuts when there were dogs to snuggle. ultimately, track and field was the most fun. snatching the relay baton and running hell-on-paws around the track, rolling on their backs in the long jump pit, and mocking the race walkers.

well, they would mention more, but they both want to go wizz on the great wall before it is time to head home!

(read about their previous trips here, here, here and here)


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If we can not love DOG, then we can never love GOD too.

Comment by sulochanosho

So Cody Bear… were you weeing on the bridge there? Could be why that is the forbidden city then. Looks like you two had a grand day out!

Comment by S. Le

Wow, that was a fun trip!

Track notes: cody bear got really good at passing the baton, though he had to bend down a bit while running to pass it to me since I am leg-length challenged.

BTW, the race walkers were not happy with our taunting. They chased us but were no match for our fleet feet!

Thanks to cody bear’s p.a. for arranging and financing this wonderful excursion!

Comment by Checkers

[…] neglected to mention that I was in Beijing recently with my most excellent buddy cody bear. Go here to check out our […]

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Way to leave your mark on China, Cody Bear & Checkers! 😉

Comment by jamesviscosi

Damn! CB really does get to travel!

Comment by forkboy

Looks like you two had a wiz of a time. 😉

Comment by Gina

That first photo had me laughing out loud! Way to go, Cody, pee-mailing your signature on the anti-dogmeat petition.

Comment by lavenderbay

Hilarious! Looks like a great trip!

Comment by henri hopper

Oh codybear…that picture made my morning. Nothing like a wiz on the forbidden bridge.

Comment by buzzybeegirl

[…] buzz buzzybeegirl on wags from beijingbuzzybeegirl on thems that share their beer an…henri hopper on wags […]

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