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hawk moth works it…
hawk moth

hawk moth

there have been mutterings….some folks don’t like the bugs on the blog.  but look at this beautiful hawk moth.  a nocturnal critter gettin’ the job done with the flowers!

does anyone know what type of flower that is?


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The flower is an evening primrose in the genus Oenothera. That is a great shot! It is so hard to get good shots of these critters because they hover while they visit flowers.I love it.

Comment by buzzybeegirl

What a beautiful moth! Definitely a poster boy for the Bug Recognition Advocacy Group (BRAG) .
Yes I made that up.

Comment by lavenderbay

It’s a hawk moth flower! 😉

Comment by jamesviscosi

Bugs work for me! And this is a great one!

Comment by forkboy

Bugs are good. You post them all you want.

Comment by Checkers

Don’t listen to ’em! I LOVE the bugs!

Comment by Noodle's Robin

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