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manipulating the youngster….
July 24, 2008, 7:01 pm
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you know how sometimes there’s an older dog, one whose been in the house for a while, and then a puppy comes in and kind of takes over part of the territory?  and by territory….i mean the space directly surrounding the person in the house. me.

and you know how sometimes the older dog will get angry when said puppy is curled up on the person’s lap or in a place beside her legs typically reserved for the older dog?  and sometimes the angry older dog will snap at the puppy, or growl, or show the teeth?

well here’s what cody bear does.  pickles comes and lays down in cody bears spot on the floor between my knees. this is the spot he lays when i brush his fur, or brush his teeth, or just pet him.  so, he gets up from where he’s laying and he starts looking around.  he sniffs all the toys, finds the most enticing one, walks up to me…and pickles…drops the toy on the outside of my legs, the puppy gets up instantly, gets the toy, shakes it, trots over to doggie bed for a good chew and…without batting an eye, cody bear climbs into his spot, lays head down on my knee and goes to sleep.

now, i’m not being anthropomorphic. i’m not making shit up.  the dog is smart.  and he suspects snapping at the puppy will get him in trouble.

we’re still working out the family dynamic.  some days he likes pickles…some days…not so much.


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Ah yes, dog politics… I find it endlessly fascinating to watch our two work out the family hierarchy. You should hear Cai complain when Fergus gets dropped on the bed beside him!

Comment by eyegillian

Pickles is no match for the smarts of cody bear…yet!

In the picture, cody bear looks like he is mimicking pickles behind her back-too funny!

Comment by Checkers

Cute picture! It reminds me of the old Bugs Bunny cartoon with the little dog that would follow the bulldog all around.

Comment by jamesviscosi

That is great!! Dogs are so smart!!
Alex will just lie down on top of Mabel…no attempts to get her to move.

Comment by Elizabeth

How smart is that!!! Chloe did something similar to that once.

Comment by Gina

My family used to have a dog that was like this. Instead of the toy-trick, she would race to the front door and start barking like a mad dog. This would, obviously, bring the other dog running and then the first would take off and capture whatever it was she wanted in the first place.

Dogs can be so much fun!

Comment by forkboy

Hoju and Cody Bear are two similar souls…to very similar, smart souls.

Comment by buzzybeegirl

Good for Cody Bear! That was a brilliant solution!

Comment by lavenderbay

Annie used to do that to Schwartz —

“I’ve got your toy”….

“Gimme that….”

Boop, up onto the sofa Annie would go, “You fell for it a-gain”

forkboy: good one on your dog’s racing/barking, hee!

Comment by Noodle's Robin

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