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more on ghostly dog toys…
July 24, 2008, 1:29 pm
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been getting up earlier now that there’s a puppy in the house.  eyes don’t work so well first thing in the morning.  i sat down on the patio and looked into the yard and saw something out of the usual.  had pickles taken one of my bras off the drying rack?  no, it was still there, ready to wear.

it was piggy, who was actually a mouse.  pickles has been playing archaeologist againg.

piggies were loki’s beanie baby toys.  the first one she had was a pig, when it’s tail broke off i replaced it with an elephant or something, then a mouse….whatever had a tail. to her, piggies were beanie babies.

she would hold the tail in her front teeth and shake her head vigorously.  she would bounce around and flop the toys up in the air.  she always had a piggy.

pickles must have found it last night after dark one of the times i let the dogs out before bed.

i have no idea where it was, only that it hasn’t been shaken in 4 years.  sort of like that mini soccer ball, one of loki’s other toys the new puppy somehow located beneath the dirt years after loki’s passing.

i guess i’ll get her a piggy to call her own.  a newer fresher one.

we have so many dog toys, i don’t know why she keeps finding these relics.  and i have no idea what she will come up with next…


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She’s just proving what a clever little girl she is.

Comment by forkboy

Pickles looks like a little panda, such a cute archeologist

Comment by Emma

Pickles has got to be channeling Loki or something…

Comment by Checkers

thanks for stopping by the site emma!
checkers, i should have known she would do that…as she insists on playing fetch with a crystal ball.
forkboy, i’ve still got my eye on you cuz i know you want to be stealing my puppy!

Comment by goodbear

I think she goes out at night and plays in the backyard with Loki’s ghost.

Comment by jamesviscosi

How fun! Recycling the old toys – I would let Pickles have Loki’s old toys … they probably smell good/taste good and like James said, maybe she’s seeing Loki out back in the yard at night?
Some of Cosmo’s favorite toys are Clover’s old ratty stuffed toys and they both love Beanies (all bought from yard sales cheap cheap cheap!)

That puppy is the cutest thing, and I am so glad she’s adjusting to her new home.

Comment by twobarkingdogs

i know, i didn’t really have to buy new toys when i got the new puppy. cody bear has about 100 toys. (of course i couldn’t stop myself from buying a couple)

Comment by goodbear

Hmmm. I don’t get “plush” toys anymore. 😦
Mom says I am too destructive.

Comment by Daisy

That is amazing!

Comment by Gina

Maybe it’s like the Dalai Lama. You could try setting out two food bowls and two leashes and see if Pickles chooses Loki’s bowl and leash.

Comment by lavenderbay

lavender, that is exactly what i was thinking. putting a bunch of relics on a blanket and having her pick loki’s toy…just like on “king of the hill.”

Comment by goodbear

I so want to give her a little squish!

Comment by Marcella

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