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pickles’ fashion shoot

my sister, who is FINALLY starting a blog in the next few days, asked me, “so, has pickles worn her first bandana yet?”  we have very important milestones in our family: when did you start your blog? when was your dog’s first bandana experience?

here she is, modeling her first bandana….pickles!

and by the way, pickles had another vet appointment last night.  here’s the news:

my puppy is gigantic.

will try to post again later. i have to go to work early today.


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Comment by Nevis

What a cute, gigantic group of pictures. She looks almost full grown in the last pic.

Comment by Checkers

She can work the runway. And red is her color!!!

(ps – speaking of milestones – Mabel got her cast off!! If I can find time to post today, it’ll probably be about that)

Comment by Elizabeth

“Work it … work it … work it …”

Comment by jamesviscosi

Red is definitely her color. She is huge!

Comment by Gina

Tell us something (she’s gigantic) we didn’t already know!

Comment by forkboy

what a lovely pup!! looks great with the red bandana …

Comment by linda

well, thanks for stopping by to see pickles with her first “accessory”!
i was surprised she didn’t try to chew it off.

i think she’s going to way close to fifty pounds from what the doctor said. she’s so solid!

Comment by goodbear

Is my niece cute or what!!! You go girl!

Comment by hamptonite

Wow, Little Red Riding Hood in go-go boots! What is the world coming to?

Comment by lavenderbay

Love it! Bandanas didn’t look quite right on Patch-well red would have-hehe!

Comment by Mercedes

Way too cute! Tried the fashion angle on Riley, he steadfastly refuses to be GQ guy. All accessories are “toys”

Maybe pickles can help my fashion dysfunctional boy see the light to cuteness?

Comment by Tom

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