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cinnamon thunder!
July 26, 2008, 4:14 am
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a storm was rolling in. it was already raining and there were rumblings of thunder in the distance. i was excited, as i’ve been complaining about how disappointing the summer rains have been.  (do you see cody bear in the top photo?)

the thunder got cody bear a little riled up.

he’s happiest when he’s running. since he’s so fast i thought i would practice panning. it was too dark to get any good shots.

i just think he’s beautiful.

at first pickles just laid down in the middle of the yard watching him chase the thunder. but then she decided to pounce when ever he ran by, then eventually gave chase.

we went indoors before it got bad. within an hour we were in the thick of lightening and thunder and heavy sheets of rain. very dramatic!

in other news….

i ended up leaving work early today. having hurt my back lifting pickles crate last week, it was fine for a couple days, but lifting pcs at work aggravated it. it is excruciating. i ended up going to the chiroprachter today. i guess i wasn’t expecting to be totally healed. but #(*%&#@ this (#*% hurts!

hope i wake up and the back is allll better, then i will go on to have an excellent weekend. you should try to have an excellent weekend, too!

run cinnamon bear!!!

run cinnamon bear!!!


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I’m sorry about your backache. At least you made lemonade with the lemons by leaving work early on a Friday.

Those panning shots are turning out with amazing postures! Cody looks like a deer in one. You’ve caught him in poses that my turtle brain can’t see in normal time.

Oh, and that’s a nifty acorn bell. Is it to call the squirrels to dinner?

Comment by lavenderbay

I love how pickles ears go up when she runs. cb is the fastest dog I have ever seen. I am sorry about your back. Can you teach pickles to lift her own crate?

Comment by Checkers

Why are you picking up PCs? Aren’t you the QuickBooks person? Those techs in your office are a bunch of slackers!

Comment by jamesviscosi

Pickles looks like she is adjusting very well.

Comment by Gina

That’s my Pickles! Get the CB!!

Comment by forkboy

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