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step up cody bear, no more coddling…
July 26, 2008, 3:23 pm
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there are two kinds of love for the dogs in this house: 1. the love where everytime i see them i melt inside, i can’t refrain from cuddling and kissing and my voice irritates even me. and 2. the love where i want them to be happy, well adjusted animals accepted by people who don’t already have love #1.

#1 comes naturally….#2 is challenging. so here’s the deal:

my first order of business when bringing home pickles, the new puppy, was to make sure everyone got along peacefully. initially she was terrified of cody bear. also, cody wanted to play rough outdoors and then wanted her out of his space indoors. this first project has been, for the most part, completed successfully…..without trips to e.r. or days of panic tears.

the next step was training pickles the basics while not alienating cody bear. pickles learned the basics fast and cody bear learned how to milk the “non-alienation” part of the deal. but it stops now, the milking, that is.

when my vet first met pickles she laughed alot and said i would have my hands full, but that she was glad the puppy was with me because, being a natural drama queen, pickles was going to need someone who wouldn’t cave in to every little whine and temper tantrum. i’ve been strong there, but i forgot to be strong with every little mopey glance and grunt of cody’s.

cody bear, who knows scads of tricks and performs them 90 to 100% of the time when asked is getting slower to sit, down, take a bow, anything. he is testing the boundaries and listening alot less.

he woke up grouchy today

the happier he is, the nicer he is to pickles. to be happy he needs two things: (you think i am going to say snuggling but your wrong!) he needs exercise and lots of it, and he needs clicker training. it’s his favorite activity and it exercises his brain. now, its been a challenge clicker training them together, and given she needs equal attention as a border collie puppy, the schedule has been tight.

but it is working. it is the coddling and the “mama still loves you cody bear” that has to stop for a few days. he simply isn’t paying attention, and at the risk of sounding anthropomorphic, he’s doing it on purpose.

he’s sulking now. i’m ignoring it.

i have a training journal for the dogs. every day i schedule what i’m working on with both dogs in their section. this morning pickles was to work on eye contact, healing, and down without a hand cue. and paw, but she’s not picking that up so fast. cody bear’s is back to the basics. he has been choosing not to make eye contact, so that is where we’re focusing. as well as “no, i will NOT tell you to sit a second time! you’re 4 years old you know to sit the first time i say it.” that particular exercise really worked!

so, more on the training later. off to volunteer.


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Sounds like you have things well in hand. A lot of people make the mistake of repeating the command over and over again when the dog doesn’t obey the first time, which just teaches the dog that it doesn’t really have to listen to the first (or second, or third) instruction.

Comment by jamesviscosi

would you consider blogging on behalf of your dogs? my mom does it and she’s trying to start a site for dogs to “speak” their minds! thanks – preston

Comment by preston

preston, cody bear would definitely speak his mind on your site. so would pickles.
if you want to visit a very cool dog blog in the dog’s voice, you should visit
that dog is hilarious and it is one of my favorite blogs. so is
that dog is so funny…but a terrible speller!

Comment by goodbear

Oh, I remember those days. Soon after we got Mabel, all of Alex’s training just fell out of her head. We just went thru it again after M’s accident because she was getting so much attention. We back on track now…sort of… sometimes “Sit” is a completly foreign concept and sometimes neither pup has ever heard their name before.

Comment by Elizabeth

exactly elizabeth!

Comment by goodbear

I love the idea of a training journal!

Comment by Gina

Training is still pretty poor around our place. I was hoping Cai would model for Fergus, but instead he barks in Fergus’s face. Compound that with Fergus’s tummy troubles, treat training has been out for a month now. Waa.
Which leads me to: How do you do clicker training with Cody, with his gastroparesis? Or do you feed him his kibble bit-by-bit during training, in lieu of the molecuball?

Comment by lavenderbay

lavenderbay, the training worked well, once we realized what his problem was. i remember the day he graduated basic obedience. right after we found out we had graduated….he barfed right in front of everyone.
now the medicine manages him well, so as long as i used teeny tiny bites of cheese or beef liver snacks or home made chicken and it is near feeding time it works out ok. yesterday he barfed for the first time in months, but that is because a woman at the training center gave him FIVE doggie biscuits! which he didn’t even bother chewing because he never gets junk food like that and was so excited!
i used to help with a class that clicker trains dogs with fear aggression. he was too stressed to taken treats, but he responded well to getting his chest rub. the owner modified it to “click snuggle click snuggle” and it worked out well.

Comment by goodbear

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