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hope for a saucy raven!

we will NOT be talking about poe during this post, and hopefully the comments, as well.  it’s too obvious. while i love his writing , its just too obvious.  besides, we’re hitting the nature side of the raven during this post!

ravens, corvids…..the largest in the crow family. well, they’re super smart.  each saturday i feed a variety of animals in rehabilitation.  none of them need to entertain themselves like the ravens.  and none of the animals are as entertaining as them, either.  (let’s face it…they’re the border collies of the bird world!)

the raven approaches

the raven approaches

each morning the bird receives a variety bowl, if you will. mice, peanuts, berries, veggies, a bite or two of quail.  they’re omnivores, you see.  so, the first thing the brainy bird does is grab the mouse…and she stashes it somewhere.  she looks between tree branches.  finds holes in the ground, crevices under water bowl….what have you. oh, but first (i forgot to mention) to entertain herself….she tries to bite your footware.

she has toys.  she plays with them.   interrrresting.  she used to share an enclosure with a black vulture but got her own pen 3 weeks ago.  this week she was allowed free reign of the mews….where does she hang out the most?

at the door of the black vulture enclosure.  they’re friends.  she remembers him.

sizing me up

sizing me up

when i say “nooo” the bird still wants to bite me. but when i say “uhn uhhh. stop that.” she backs off.  she backs of in an “i’m not scared, but perhaps i’m more intersted in this eggshell/rock/lizard over here.”

so, lets all wish her luck because, smart as she is….she is up for release.  if she can’t handle the big world it could be a sad ending. but, if she’s ready for the challenge, and wouldn’t a raven be ready for the challenge?…then the world is her peanut!

oh…and here’s the artsy shot….

scary!  but i thank you for refraining from any “nevermore” posts.

this is a positive post, after all.  forEVER more she will fly free.  and she will find your own food.  and she will find a mate.  and possibly picnickers to torment.  good luck birdy bird!

a different raven i worked with years ago could mimic speak…and laughter. i learned this one day when i was at the facility…alone.  jotting my notes from my medical shift down.  i heard a creepy man’s laughter.  but no one was there.   yes….it was the bird.


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My wife’s family used to have a crow named Gus that they rescued. Gus liked to amuse himself by showing his food to the dog and then when the dog tried to take it, he would drop the food and bite the dog on the nose. Crow 1, Dog 0.

Comment by jamesviscosi

Handsome bird. I wish it the best of luck and thanks for the posting the pics. I can never get close to the ones in our back yard.

Comment by forkboy

That’s really neat about the inter-species friendship between the raven and the vulture. Thanks for posting about the rehab centre.

Comment by lavenderbay

She looks like she could rip you up!

Comment by S. Le

she wanted to s. le. kept going after my feet and legs in between shots.

Comment by goodbear

Cool that you’ve had this interaction w/ one of an intelligent and fascinating corvid.
My friend Bill is a licensed falconer and has done a TON of raptor rehab. My favorite story is about the raven who came from a zoo and eventually re-learned to fly, etc. One time he noticed the wild ravens in the field off the side of the house so he flew down to join them. Bill said the wild birds must’ve freaked as they scattered when his raven waltzed up to the crowd and said “Here Boy”!

Comment by Noodle's Robin

Great photos of a bird so smart it gave us the sun, moon and stars. My new Raven drawings and the story of how Raven brought me to New Mexico are on my blog.

Comment by Beth Surdut

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