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looking at prickly things is soothing, huh?
July 29, 2008, 2:46 am
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today i am posting a soothing picture, because the day was….far from soothing.  but no worries, we’re ok.  let’s review….

after the soothing picture:

after a weekend of rest, pain killers and packs of ice, i woke up with considerable less back pain.  went to work aware that i shouldn’t over do it, so i asked my coworker to carry some heavy boxes for me.  he did. that was nice.  but then things went kind of kerfluey.

’twas the first day of our boss’s vacation, and we were swamped. the one tech couldn’t handle it so well, and only got about 1/4 of the emergencies worked out.  meanwhile, back at the office, i was working on a new demo, but the boss got nervous:  i have a degree in literature, not computers, and my coworker hasn’t had enough experience that my boss felt confident at all letting him touch it for the  final testing either.  by four o’clock monday…today…the boss was deciding he had to leave san diego and fly  home.  our contracts are too important and he can’t just let it go up there without messing around with it.  i totally understand, but it was stressful: he and i working on it together over the phone.

by this time, my back was already starting to hurt, especially after running errands for a couple hours.

it wasn’t a bad day….it wasn’t.  but we were very stressed.  and we are so behind that we start tomorrow already stressed.  pressure.  and see, my job is a low pressure job.  so there, i vented.  i’m leaving now…to pick my boss up at the airport.  he will be really stressed, but i’m NOT going to soak it in.  i’m not.

back later.

oh, and….isn’t that a pretty cactus?  it’s a prickly pear.  one of many varieties.


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I recommend turning the prickly pear cactus into a prickly pear margarita. They are yummy. And the help considerably with back pain.

Back pain is the worst. I’m so sorry…

Good luck with today!

Comment by Elizabeth

Sorry to hear about your stressful day! Maybe if your boss had stopped by our place to play with Dennis he would have been more relaxed …

Comment by jamesviscosi

On the lemons-to-lemonade theory, this crisis is forcing your boss to admit that the evil co-worker is an incompetent. Mr. Boss may have to enact dire measures (yippee! ) if he ever wants another enjoyable vacation.

Comment by lavenderbay

Sorry to read of your back. I can very much empathize…..and sympathize.

Comment by forkboy

Fantastic photo of the prickly pear. I am glad your back is on the mend – mine is better too. Let’s hope it stays that way.

Comment by livingisdetail

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Comment by Heartburn Home Remedy

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