cody bear's friends

she’s weasling her way into his heart.
July 29, 2008, 1:30 pm
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here’s the pupdate:

pickles adores cody bear.  but, as i had mentioned, sometimes cody bear likes pickles, sometimes not so much.  well, yesterday was a likes day.

it seems he has some sort of pickles acceptance schedule.  in the morning, he can’t be bothered.  he has to patrol, he has to run, he has to eat breakfast.

at lunch…

he just wants to cuddle his mama before she goes back to work.  usually he lures her away from the cuddle spot so he can be closest, but once he is comfy, he will let pickles join in the cuddling, too.

after work, there is more running, as well as sniffing, so she is on her own, as far as he is concerned.  on a rare occasion, if she tries hard enough, she can break him down and get him to play with him after i get home from work.

then, around 9:30 at night they’re best pals.  they use every inch of the living room floor tussling.  then they get pooped out and have to rest.

this is a picture from last night during a short break from their play session…

some days he looks at me like, “how COULD you bring this she-pup home?” other days, like last night, he looks like he’s saying, “thanks for the puppy, mom.  she’s fun.”

so let’s review.  the dogs are getting along o.k. most of the time and great some of the time.  pickles is adorable.  so is cody bear. and he is being a good big brother.


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We all toldja as much, didn’t we? Those are terrific representative photos. The final one could be a Nylabone ad.

Comment by lavenderbay

Cute! Cody Bear looks like he’s using his Nylabone as a fake microphone in the last picture.

Comment by jamesviscosi

That’s one happy CB face! I imagine it may be difficult, some days, for CB to allow a fuzzy foreigner into his home. After all, now he has to share his mommy! Regardless, it’s wonderful to see them playing together. After I get Pickles 😉 I’ll be certain to invite CB over for play dates!

Comment by forkboy

They look so cute together on the bed.

Comment by Gina

CB has such a great smile. Pickles is a gorgeous little girl. The toy looks like a birthday cake with candles to me, as though they are having a celebration.

Comment by livingisdetail

See, I knew things would come along. Love the noses picture.

Comment by Checkers

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