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the tiny muggings must stop…
July 31, 2008, 3:56 pm
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today i learned that the dutch word for mosquito….is mug.

i spend every morning, from 5:30 to 7-ish, in the back yard with the dogs.  the dogs run, fetch is played, weeds are pulled, plants are watered, cats are barked at.  typical morning stuff.  and it would all be splendid, even the waking early stuff, if it weren’t for those damn mugs!

the muggings HAVE TO STOP!  they’re eating me.  they hover around little pickles looking for a landing strip.  cody bear doesn’t hold still long enough for them to get comfortable.  they ride into the house on my clothes and are probably home snacking on my pets as we type.  (yes, the dogs are on heartguard)

in other news.

i’m running out of dogs to photograph. as some of you know, i have a dog daily photo blog.  each day i put a different dog up there.  well, i need to get out and about and meet some new dogs….just in case you guys are getting sick of cody bear and pickles.  here are two pups from pickles’ socialization class.

now, i’ll be housesitting for the next few days, so don’t know how frequently i can blog.  we’ll see.  taking cody bear and pickles to stay with hazel.

take care every body!


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Noodle is photogenic and she’s got the cuuuuuuutest mug, I’m sure she’d pose for your daily dog photo page 😉

Comment by Noodle's Robin

Ooops, that’s not to say that Noodle has her own private mosquito, no, no, no, we don’t like those mugbugs either! What I meant to say is her face is sweet like the rest of her 🙂

Comment by Noodle's Robin

And, one more thing, GEEZ, what time zone do you have your blog set on?! it is not currently nearly ten at nite! Ten at nite is wayyyy past my bedtime.

Comment by Noodle's Robin

My personal assistant talks of MEV’s-mosquito escape velocity- how fast you have to go to keep them off you. cody bear must know about that. He’s so smart!

Comment by Checkers

Sick of Cody Bear and Pickles…NEVER! “Mugs” love me so much and Mandy too…we both move slow. 😉

Comment by Gina

I agreee with Gina, no getting sick of photos here — especially ones, like the above, that show eight legs with only one (if that? ) on the ground.
My dad used to describe hot, humid weather as “muggy” — wonder if there’s any linguistic connection?

Comment by lavenderbay

I too hate muggen! (plural for mug)
I have something made out of natural oils for my horse, and it works fine for canines and humans too! A life-saver!
Dutch and English share many linguistic roots, btw.

Comment by Aafke

I drink my coffee from a red mug! Now I’m all grossed out!!

Cody Bear and Pickles are very cute pooches. What’s not to love?

Comment by S. Le

Kung-Fu Tail Judo Chop!!!!!

Comment by jamesviscosi

Pickles is fluffy and cute, Cody bear is fluffy and very handsome. We love pictures! Ban all mugs!

Comment by daisydog

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