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the merry pupsters
August 2, 2008, 3:30 pm
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last night cody bear, pickles and i moved in with hazel for a couple nights of dog sitting.

cody bear and i have known hazel since she was a puppy and they have always played very rough.  when pickles met hazel last weekend she was very scared at first. but last night she just tritty trotted up to her like “hey girl! how are ya?” and they instantly started playing.

one of hazel’s favorite games is playing peek-a-boo with pickles UNDER cody bear’s tummy!  he’s getting used to it.

here they are in the lawn befooorrre the sprinkler head was sacrificed to the gods of dog play.

and here they are at night, kicking up dust!

don’t worry, pickles still had a few windows in her busy play schedule to look for bugs…

the only problem i had was i didn’t want to lug pickles’ metal crate around, so she stayed in cb’s agility soft crate last night.  i kept waking up to her chewing sounds….


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It looks like they all three had so much fun…make that all four, I know you had fun watching!

Comment by Gina


Comment by twobarkingdogs

Great post! Lol! The picture of the double blur in front of the garage is terrific! Sorry to hear about your chew-interrupted sleep.

Comment by lavenderbay

The Wild Bunch! What great action shots. I’d be a little hesitant too if I was pickles.

Comment by Checkers

More action than The Dark Knight, and the participants are cuter, too! 😉

Comment by jamesviscosi

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