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“give me some quaaaaiilllll!”
August 3, 2008, 12:34 am
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hi all!  here’s a peregrine falcon!

i’m housitting, but stopped home to feed my cat and thought i would show you one of the birds today.  i have more pictures, too, but will show them once i’m home for good and have more time to post.

pet sitting is going well.  except the mugs are even thicker there!


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Duh; this is a picture from the wildlife sanctuary, isn’t it? At first I thought it was in your housesittee’s backyard.
Exciting photo anyway, since Peregrines are still pretty rare; I know there are a few on the office towers in our city, but I’m not positive I’ve ever sighted one. You’re lucky to work with such interesting creatures.

Comment by lavenderbay

Geez, everything about that bird says ‘predator!”

Comment by Checkers

Gorgeous falcon! We occasionally get a closeup view of the redtail hawks that haunt our canyon. Birds of prey look so noble.

Comment by jamesviscosi

awesome pic!!

Comment by NY hamptonite

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