cody bear's friends

no feelings were hurt. treats were eaten.

well, here are more shots. these are from last night’s play time at hazel’s house.

“come get get me girls!”

doesn’t he look happy??!! he didn’t play as much as pickles and hazel did. he must have been saving his energy for this morning’s agility lesson.

“we’ve been good, may we please have a cookie?”

now, this last picture, when i was going through the snaps, made me out right laugh. i had no idea this shot was on there. you see, the dogs play so fast, so i just hunker down real low, and snippity snap. try to get them facing me. try not to interfere with the action. so, i am sometimes surprised by the facial expressions. cody bear and hazel play very rough. in fact, if you were on the other side of the fence you would think a canine riot was happening. but they both have great bite inhibition and they always calm it down if you tell them to.

anyway, here is the shot, in mid play…

doesn’t he look like she just insulted him? and she is instantly sorry?

“you did NOT just say that???!!!”

“sorry cody bear!” inside she’s saying, “PSYCHO! mental note. NEVER tell him he’s getting fluffier in the butt. NEVER.”

really, they were both just trying to get the other one to chase them.

crazy dogs.


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cody bear looks like a werewolf or something! That’s an unbelievable shot!!!

Comment by Checkers

All great pictures. I think Checkers is right; don’t let Cody the Were Bear out on a full moon.

Comment by lavenderbay

“Does this tail make my butt look big?”

Comment by jamesviscosi

I LOVE Cody’s expression in all three pictures. I have noticed dogs make a lot of expressions I never see until I see a photo of them. FUN!

Comment by Gina

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