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there’s beetle in this post! but don’t be scarobed! it’s a nice beetle.
awww, he has dew drops on his back

awww, he has dew drops on his back

i found a beetle yesterday morning. i was very excited to see him. he had to be moved to safety…before pickles devoured him.

naturally i called buzzybeegirl! she is wise in the ways of winged things…after a short chat, i emailed her pix and here’s the email chat that went down:

goodbear: I believe it is a Platyceroides agassii. Will send an email with 3 low res photos for you to investigate. Maybe we can do another bug high five!

buzzy: It is a Platyceroides!!

goodbear: high five!! isn’t there a shorter name for it? i can’t put THAT on my blog. please tell me he is a very rare and special beetle!

buzzy: They are stag beetles…and he is special because he was in your yard =)

did you ever know an entomologist could be so sweet!?

retreat retreat!

retreat retreat!

my degree in english literature doesn’t give me alot of knowledge in the “name that critter” realm. but i’m learning. i don’t know about “orders”, “genis”, “family” and such. stag beetles are in the:

order coleoptera – beetles!

suborder plyphaga

super family scarobaeoidea

family lucanidae

and my particular beetle is in genus platyceroides

but you don’t need to know that! you just want to know how to identify your insect, right?!

click on the bug that looks most like yours and follow it to the specific bug. oops. not BUG. THEY’RE INSECTS!

there are many informative insect blogs on line, such as buzzybeegirl and myrmecos. my blog is kind of the mr. roger’s neighborhood of the insect world. but that’s cool…


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Mr.Rogers of bugs…that is so cute. Your not as monotone as him and much more entertaining.

Comment by buzzybeegirl

Are you sure that’s not a Ford Expedition or some such SUV?

Comment by Checkers

checkers, i know it LOOKS big, but really, it was about the size of 2 pieces of kibble.
ok, maybe 3.

Comment by goodbear

“… a beautiful day for a scarab, wouldja be mine? Couldja be mine?” Yeah, that works.

Comment by lavenderbay

I love beetles! Thanks for posting these and for being such good closeups!

Comment by forkboy

Hmm…, this looks to me more like something in the genus Phileurus (family Scarabaeidae), in the same subfamily as the hercules beetles (genus Dynastes). Platyceroides, like all lucanids, lack horns or other head ornaments.

Comment by tcmacrae

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