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these….are the bees of our lives….
August 5, 2008, 2:00 am
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it is important to note that when photographing bees, you should wear pants, not boxer shorts….because the mosquitos get jealous and they eat you.  they try to ruin your shots of the very cool bees by making you slap your own legs.

moving on…

tonight there was frenzied bee activity in my backyard!  it was incredible!

native bees, not the bees you eradicate….

lovely and industrious bees.

oh, and yes, that is a cholla blossom.  lovely, isn’t it.

i wish i was a better photographer.  i struggle with manual focus, especially on these fast moving bees.  i was having so much fun taking pictures, only to be disappointed later to see how the shots didn’t do the bees or the flowers and lighting any justice.

but still.  it was exciting.  i’m so fortunate to have such great bee activity!  for more of my bee shots and bee posts, type “bees” in the search bar on the left.

and thanks for stopping by the blog!

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What great bee shots! If I wasn’t so afraid of bees, I would totally be inspired to try and catch a few myself. I especially love the last one, where you caught the second bee mid-flight.

Comment by Francesca

Amazing shots goodbear. I just don’t know why you thought these pics were not so great. You were able to catch that third bee in flight.That is absolutely amazing because I know how fast these girls are. Virtual hive five my dear!

Comment by buzzybeegirl

francesca, thanks so much for stopping by the blog! i used to run inside when ever i saw a bee…now i search for them!

Comment by goodbear

oh thanks buzzy. i just wish they were clearer!
“hive five!” i love it! you’re so clever!

Comment by goodbear

I think they’re fine too; I’m not a photographer, but I’ve seen thousands of E.g.’s and learned terms like “boca”, which you’ve brilliantly captured on that final photo especially. I also like the patches of light and shadow on the cactus in that one, and the arriving bee which turns it into an action shot.

Comment by lavenderbay

Don’t sell yourself short. Getting pics of bees is always difficult as they have this horrible tendency to keep moving about (how rude!).

I think you should being uploading larger sizes of these so we can see them better! Flickr anyone?

Comment by forkboy

Lovely shots of both bees abd blossom – although the latter looks very prickly!! I can’t take photographs for love nor money – my family gave me a digital camera for Christmas telling me all would be improved! Lovely liars!!

Comment by Moranna

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