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” Ah dornt hink Ah loch mah new mom.”
August 6, 2008, 11:37 pm
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a message from pickles:

“i was warned by me big brutha that me mum had weird ways of tarturing we dogs, buh i had noo ideah till now.”

“twas teddible. then…to make matthers warse, sheh documented the whole thing on filum.”

“i doon’t knoo if can stahnd mooch mahr of this.  what’s a lass ta do?”


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Did you at least get some treats or a new kong later!!! that is awful, it happens to me too. I don’t like it much eiath, but I am very nice shade of pink once I dry!

Comment by daisydog

Poor baby Pickle!

Comment by forkboy

I like your phonetic Irish accent Pickles – very posh. And I know for a fact that you got lots o’ tasty treats afterward. Just between you and me, you can admit that it is kind of fun. Weeeeeee!

Comment by Rebecca

At least she didn’t wash you with Irish Spring! …. Or did she???

Comment by jamesviscosi

Is that an Australian breed dog talking in a Scottish accent? Why not? I make Sparky (half Japanese/half Mexican) talk in a French accent. But that’s because Pepe LePew shaped my childhood.

Comment by sparkychronicles

Oh, ya puir wee Geordie!

Comment by lavenderbay

Got quite the Scott’s accent there wee lass! Your Ma just wants her wee girl to be clean and sweet smelling…

(Border Collies originated along the Scotland/England border, yeah?)

Comment by S. Le

Ahhh somehow I didn’t imagine hearing Pickles with a Scottish accent. 😀

Comment by Gina

Pickles, do you ever slim down in the bath! Aye heardly noo ye!

Comment by Checkers

i guess i forget to tell you that my girl had an accent. i was surprised, too.

and yes, just like everyone else in the family…she looks a hell of a lot smaller when she’s wet…

Comment by goodbear

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