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finger puppet buddies
August 8, 2008, 2:35 pm
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hello!  well, my friend m. found another treasure in her father’s house from his years in emperial china!  as you recall, her dad’s family lived in peking in the early 20s.  yesterday she brought these toys:

so around 1920 the family arrives from nyc to begin their stay in china.  the children received these finger puppets at the time.  no idea if they were new then, either, so we can’t guess how old they are.

but…the bearded fellow on the left? well, it appears as if his beard is made of real hair.  human hair.  all the puppets look so pleased

she is going to mount them in a shadow box.

so, that’s it for chinese antiquities today!  have a good weekend


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A fitting post for the start of the Olympics. Can’t wait to see the dog-cathelon! Oh, yes, and the 200 meter dogpaddle…

Those are very cool puppets.

Comment by Checkers

Can you tell what the gentlemen are holding? I’m thinking a basket of fish, still leaking; a flute; and a pair of demi-baguettes fresh from the boulangerie. Not positive, though…

Comment by lavenderbay

Those fellows will make a very cool shadow box. I think LB is on target about what they’re holding.

Comment by jamesviscosi

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