cody bear's friends

“lights out ya bug lovers!”

last night, after the puppies played….(oops, i better post pix of the puppies soon) we started looking for our creepy crawling crunchy friends with a mag-lite.  it was friday night, after all, and we DO know how to party!

we found the sleeping bees, then, while r. went on our burrito run, a.h. found more of the long-horned cactus beetles eating my cactus.  and of course we came face to face with the orbweaver spider, as well.

a.h. was startled to look up and find a couple of these, roosting in the cholla.

curved bill thrasher

curved bill thrasher

the curved bill thrasher is my favorite sounding bird. it is distinctive and, while not sing song-y, it’s simple two tones cheer me every time.

oh…and here’s the beetle!  he was looking right at me and kept tilting his head and moving his antennae!

long horned cactus beetle

long horned cactus beetle

isn’t he great?


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Great shot of the antennae on that beetle. Look like whips!!!

Comment by Checkers

Very Kafka-esque beetle!

Comment by jamesviscosi

Great photos. Especially like the beetle.

Comment by forkboy

That’s so cool to meet the Western or Southern or Southwestern version of the Northeastern birds I’m familiar with.

Comment by lavenderbay

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