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skunk turns over new leaf.
August 9, 2008, 9:32 pm
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dear dennis and trixie and tucker,

i know things have been tense at your house recently due to your recent interlude with the skunk.  i want you to know that i’ve done my part to keep your back yard safe from the smelly invaders.

please note that i have captured the skunk and things should smell fresh for you from here on out.

no more midnight baths in your household!  you see this skunk is in rehab…which i think means they are teaching him to mend his evil ways.  i guess he was on drugs, which is probably why he was lurking around at night. he wanted to steel your copper.

take care,


cody bear

p.s. look out for this guy.  mom’s friends emancipated him today and when they put him on the ground he started heading west.  he’s about 5 inches with the legs.  it’s a wolf spider.   hey, wolves are cool, right?!


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hello cody bear its dennis the vizsla dog hay yes that is the skunk wot got us i am shoor of it!!!! i wil nevr forget those beedy eyez and unkempt hare!!! oh wait i am thinking of that old nick nolte mug shot but ennyway thats definitly the skunk!

Comment by jamesviscosi

Hahaha to Dennis’ remark! We find wolfies (that’s our nickname for them) in our house all the time. We always take them outside. They’re good spiders and eat other bad spiders like brown recluse (which we also unfortunately have).

Comment by Gina

cody bear that poor little sknunk looks like he could use some love! and some perfume!

Comment by daisydog

Okay, colour me ignorant, but where are Mr. Skunk’s stripey-stripes?

Comment by lavenderbay

That’s kind of a funny looking skunk. Is he a different “variety” or just more black than most?

Also, no thank you re: the spider. Put my mind at ease and say that’s not actual size?

Comment by Elizabeth

its…its…a stuffed animal. yes, that’s the ticket. a stuffed animal spider toy. nothing to be scared of.

Comment by goodbear

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