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there’s a monster at the end of this post!
August 9, 2008, 6:31 am
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(yes, that’s a reference to grover!)

but first…some bees!  while the puppies, (yes PUPPIES) were playing we caught some bees bedding down for the night!

3 bees getting cozy

3 bees getting cozy

yes, they have green eyes. here is one close up, so you can see how they lock onto the branches with their mandibles.

temperpedic mandibles

temperpedic mandibles

good thing they were locked on to the branch with their jaws because cody bear kept running under the bush and whacking it with his tail.  but they didn’t budge!

ok, now, i warned you! there’s a monster at the end of this post!

are you ready?

some bloggers are easily grossed out.

scroll no further if you don’t want to see this SPIDER!

this giant spider.

i warned you!



we watched her work on her web, went in to eat burritos, then came out to see she had already caught something.

spider at night

spider at night

look at all those eyes.

cool, huh?


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Cool! I didn’t know that bees did that!

Comment by Gringo

Spider: “Does this photo make my butt look big?”

Comment by lavenderbay

Grover is cuter and bluer… Perhaps less hairy as well. Ewww!

Comment by S. Le

[…] buzz S. Le on there’s a monster at the…lavenderbay on there’s a monster at the…lavenderbay on Aam pickles an’ these […]

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Comment by Checkers

The eyes are interesting. I always wondered how bees sleep at night!

Comment by Gina

I remember that Grover book! He was trying to stop you from getting to the end of it, with ropes and bricks and glue and whatnot.

Nice shot of Shelob, by the way! 😉

Comment by jamesviscosi

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