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August 11, 2008, 1:23 pm
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all in all it was a good weekend. but, i just feel like i didn’t get anything done because i was having such a good time.

yesterday buzzybeegirl came over and we worked on a little project together. then we grabbed our canons and headed out back to find bees.

there was alot more flying and much less landing than on other days.

here you can see her sticking out her proboscis, her little bee tongue as she hovers above a fellow bee.

while we were out back we found yesterday’s doves, learning to fly. we also found this fly pretending to be a bee.


so that was a fun sunday.  saturday i had a great time volunteering at the wildlife center.  then later that night had mediterranean food with friends.  we all came back here and a.h. made mojitos.  they were delicious!

so, now it is back to work for us all.


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Your photos are always brilliant!

Comment by S. Le

oh thanks s.le! i’m trying really hard.

Comment by goodbear

Love the color of that cactus…the softest green. Mediterranean food sounds wonderful!

Comment by Gina

Always love your shots goodbear. Even when the bees are mooning us you still capture their personality

Comment by buzzybeegirl

That bee with the protruding proboscis, before it’s even at the food dish, must be part puppy dog.

Comment by lavenderbay

Great shots! You have bee O’Hare in your backyard …

Comment by jamesviscosi

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