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tonight…on my kitchen table….the galls…

ready for the answer to yesterday’s science question???


photo courtesy of buzzybeegirl

photo courtesy of buzzybeegirl

is a GALL!!! an insect gall! “what!?” you ask!?

i know, right! i can’t believe i have never heard of these before. and apparently my back yard is riddled with them, yet i only noticed them today. (why did i never notice them? well it could be because i am stupid and not very observant…orrrrr ….it could be because my dogs are so cute i never focus on anything but them!)

they never told us about galls in any of my literature or liberal arts classes at university! fancy that!

outside of my biology and entomology pals a.h. and r., so far no one i have asked has ever heard of these. apparently they’re all over the place!

i emailed her first thing this morning and she knew exactly what it was. and….we could dissect it if we wanted to! “okay!” i said. (virtual high five)

warning: the following pictures are great, but they do contain a tiny benign critter or two. i do hope you’ll continue viewing.

photo courtesy of buzzybeegirl

photo courtesy of buzzybeegirl

a.h. dissected the balls and found that each rosette seen from the outside contained a little tunnel and in each tunnel was one of a variety of insect babies. we found 3 species in one of the living galls. they may even eat eachother, but who knows.

photo courtesy of buzzybeegirl

photo courtesy of buzzybeegirl

that one above is actually in a tiny cocoon. let’s note, the creosote gall seemed like a strange mutant broccoli, that was sticky with a sap-like substance. we all expected it to be more hollow, like a nut, containing the larvae, but instead it was dense plant matter with several small tunnels.

the more tiny larvae she found, the itchier my head became. (probably why the scientific community will never take me seriously….my low “skeev tolerance.”)

there i placed a tiny gall in front of the larvae so you wouldn’t be as grossed out. but…that tiny gall has just one baby insect in it. perhaps one day it would have had more. these babies were either wasps or flies or aphids. not really sure.

it was fun and nerdy. i hope you weren’t too grossed out. i hope instead you were like “wow! i never knew about those crazy things!”

and don’t you appreciate the pictures!? i love buzzybeegirl’s photos because she used her BAM….Big Ass Macro!

tonight’s virtual prize goes to hannah and dave for guessing “or some other parasite.” good job!

if you like this post, or insects,…or quizzes, buzzybeegirl just put a quiz up and will reveal the answer wednesday. personally, her quiz is easier than the gall quiz, if you ask me.


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Wow, that was fabulous! Maybe Dr. Seuss wrote Horton Hears a Who after finding one of those!

Comment by lavenderbay

Beautiful and gross all at the same time…

Comment by S. Le

Totally and completely bizarre, but thanks for sharing!

Comment by forkboy

Never, ever heard of it before…thanks!

Comment by Gina

that is really cool looking! i have never seen anything like it!

Comment by lizlangley

So you’re saying they’re NOT aliens?

Comment by jamesviscosi

hey all! thanks so much for leaving comments on this particular post. positive comments! i was worried it would creep visitors out, but i’m so glad you all thought it was as interesting as i did.
i appreciate the poditive feedback!

and noooo, it’s NOT an alien!

Comment by goodbear

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