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even the beetles are asleep at this hour!
August 13, 2008, 1:47 pm
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i’m very excited about this post. (thanks alot buzzybeegirl…for turning me into a complete beetle blog lunatic!)

anyway, as you know, i have been into this insect photography thing for the past month or so.  obsessed with bees and all.  but beetles sometimes, too. well, yesterday and today i have found two totally different species of sleeping beetles.  yes, getting up with the puppies means i’m find the bugs still asleep.

this one is an acmaeodera gibbula.  i found it yesterday when i went to hang up some early morning laundry, which, i might add, was very ambitious of me.

acmaeodera gibbula

acmaeodera gibbula

buzzy tells me this insect is rare and special, but i know she’s just saying that because every time i find a cool insect the first thing i ask her is “is it rare? is it special?” what i like about it is….like many other subjects in my photos….it has somehow got a piece of cody bear’s fur on it.

this one is a acmaeodera alicia.  very small. too small for my lens. i caught him sleeping in the creosote leaves.

acmaeodera alicia

and while were at it, i found this fig beetle yesterday morning.  it was wide awake.  it was so dark that i just couldn’t get a better shot.  sorry.

fig beetle

fig beetle


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acmaeodera gibbula? Are you sure that’s not a kunubulus intragoofigus? How did that beetle get its head caught in that clothespin!!!

Your bug photos are impressive. You should send some of them to the National Inquirer.

Comment by Checkers

Bugs! Bugs! Bugs!

Comment by forkboy

Wow, teeny-tiny-spotty fellas and a big guy with metalic teal sides! Your macro lens is getting its workout, all right.

Comment by lavenderbay

i don’t have a macro!

Comment by goodbear

Wow, these are really good — so just imagine the shots if you DID have a macro! We should start a “get Goodbear a macro” drive …

Comment by jamesviscosi

james! all afternoon yesterday i was whining to my friends about how i need a fundraiser for macro money!

Comment by goodbear

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