cody bear's friends

happy puppy
August 13, 2008, 1:50 pm
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it’s fun to lay in the grass.  she’s taking a break from playing, thinking, “this is the life!”


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I love to see dogs laugh!

Comment by Gina

Just noticed your new header…hehehe. Cody Bear mooning us.

Comment by Gina

Those teeth look as sharp as needles!! “Danger, Will Robinson, puppy chompers!”

Way too cute. Waaaaaayyyy….

Comment by Checkers

Who’s a pretty Pickle? Who is? Yes she is a pretty Pickle!

Comment by forkboy

The colours on puppies are so vivid, aren’t they? No mistaking the life form’s newness, right down to the unfaded red collar.

Has Cody Bear got another acting stint in the works? The header looks like his try out for the part of an Adams Family sequel’s Cousin It.

Comment by lavenderbay

lavender, he would have to do the whole movie backwards.

Comment by goodbear

Like your new header although I’m not sure what message you are sending to Cody Bear’s friends…

Cute pup!

Comment by S. Le

Cute! The picture of Cody Bear looks like Trixie from behind, if Trixie were red and not floating around the sky in a barber chair …

Comment by jamesviscosi

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