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here’s your cody bear….
August 15, 2008, 8:03 pm
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blog traffic is down. i think it’s because you miss this guy!

he looks like he’s demonstrating active listening skills because his ears are up, but really,  he’s just trotting around so the ears keep popping up!  he’s very cute, i can see why you’ve missed him.

you’re all like, “bees schmeez!  bring back cody bear!”  i don’t blame you. not one bit.

here he is with his friend hazel:

he doesn’t actually like playing fetch.  he’s too a.d.d. to stick with it, but he enjoys trotting around with one in his mouth.

anyway….there’s your daily dose of cody bear.  he’s doing fine.

i’m home on lunch break. things are crazy at work.  it’s like it’s my coworkers first day or something.  he keeps screwing up the computers.  basic stuff, like plugging the hardware into the power supply.  seriously dude.  what’s gotten into you.

but it is friday!   hopefully we get out early!  take care all!


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Oh you know bees are ok, but nothing beats a smiling pet!!!

Comment by PennyCat

yeah, cody bear! I love the new fluffy-tail picture at the top of the blog!

Comment by Laura

My dog has fetch issues too. He loves to chase the balls (for a while)–bringing them back is another story. He’d rather have *me* chase him and try to get it. 😛

Comment by Linz

Hi CB, you sweet baby. I can’t believe that weird coworker is still there. I thought he’d be gone by now.

Comment by Gina

My traffic was down for a week or so, too. I think people are on vacation. Traffic really spiked when Jack Sparrow showed up to rescue Tucker, though!

Comment by jamesviscosi

good point james. i remember the week i had a dream about johnny depp….

i had soooo much traffic that time. apparently my blog needs more sex appeal!

Comment by goodbear

My stats have dipped, too. We should all make a point of visiting one another’s blogs three times daily.

It’s too bad about your boss’s being both blind and deaf.

Comment by lavenderbay

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