cody bear's friends

cody bear’s doppelganger
August 16, 2008, 3:06 pm
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this is henry…

i found him when i was walking pickles this morning.

i’ve called his tag number, but no one is answering and they haven’t returned my messages.

he’s in the back yard barking right now.

i can’t let him in because he growled at pickles.  everyone likes pickles!  even cody bear!

so i figured he certainly won’t get along with cody bear.

they are the exact same size.  the only differences: henry’s paws are HUGE, his tongue is pink and his muzzle isn’t as black.

but if you saw them running by on the street you would do a double take.

the eyes are even very similar!  hope his mom calls soon.  i have to leave for my shift at the wildlfe center and i can’t be late!

from behind you certainly wouldn’t know the difference! (see banner)


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It’s amazing how much he looks like Cody Bear! I hope he has good owners.

Comment by Drunkbunny

They say everyone has a twin! I hope you find his owners.

Comment by Gina

That is amazing (although Cody Bear still has a higher cuteness/fluffiness factor). Very nice of you to take him in so he’s not out wandering.

Comment by Hannah (& Dave)

you are so nice to take him in so he is safe. hopefully his momma will come for him and didnt abandon him!

Comment by daisydog

Goodness! I hope Henry’s mom claims him soon.

I thought I saw a codybear twin the other day, too! It was uncanny.

Comment by Elizabeth

A very nice looking dog! I thought it was Cody Bear at first. Except, the second to the last photograph, you can tell the difference. Cody Bear’s face is different… softer and more happy-go-lucky, and darker markings around the eyes & muzzle. I hope this pooch’s family is found. 🙂

Comment by Anna Surface

his mom called! he is safely in his own home now. i’ve seen them in the neighborhood jogging, so i wasn’t too worried.
just glad he’s happily home and i had fun finding cody bear’s twin.

Comment by goodbear

hello goodbear its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow he duz luk like cody bear i am shoor trouble the kitty is involvd in this sumhow!!! ok bye

Comment by jamesviscosi

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