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corgi phone!
August 17, 2008, 7:12 pm
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i took the poddler and the burgerbun for baths today.  (that’s pickes…puppy+toddler=poddler, and cody bear is the burgerbun)  and when i walked into the self serve dog wash, our good friend r. said “i have something for you.”  how intriguing!!!

what could it be?

she knows i am obsessed with corgis!  our friend a.b. brought them back from england.  r. kept the schnauzer one, cuz of emma the super schnauzer.  and my katana phone fits perfectly in it!

once the feather finish falling out, we should be fine.  i just can’t wear lip gloss for a couple weeks….

I LOVE IT! thanks r.!


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Very very cool. Luncheon with corgis. I don’t think I could pose with all that food around! You certainly be stylin’ with your phone now.

Comment by Checkers

i know! these corgis are posh! they have baguettes and everything.

Comment by goodbear


Comment by Gina

hello goodbear its dennis the vizsla dog hmm i see yoo kerry a katana duz that meen yoo ar a ninja??? if so can i borrow yoo for a wile to help me fite the ninja hedjhogs??? ok bye

ps i didnt no katanas came in such kyoot sheeths ok bye agin

Comment by jamesviscosi

very cute! love the fluff too!

Comment by daisydog

Nifty phone!
What was that about feathers and lip gloss???

Comment by lavenderbay

lavender, the phone case has feather trim on it and tiny feathers keep falling off. flying around the air. sticking to my chap stick and such…

Comment by goodbear

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