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pickles….in a dress…
August 17, 2008, 11:23 pm
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actually,….i think it is a baby-doll tee. but what do i know?

one of the activities at today’s puppy socialization class was to dress up the puppies so they get used to being handled. none of the dogs really had a problem with it. some of the people actually didn’t participate in the exercise. not sure why.

anyway, as you would guess, pickles didn’t even know it was on. it was hard to get her to hold still while putting it on because i had her buddy, cora, and her in my lap trying to play with each other. girls. . . we take a break for fashion.

oh, and remember bogey!? the aussie mix that came to play with pickles? well, he had to wear girly clothes today….

and then he had to ride a skate board in them.

cute, huh?


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Awww Pickles looks so cute in her dress!!!

Comment by Gina

Years from now, Bogey will be explaining all this to his dog-therapist …

Comment by jamesviscosi

Love it! Too fun and funny! Thanks for your prayers for my cousin, M too! Much appreciated!

Comment by Mercedes

Well this gives a new meaning to Pet Therapy.

Comment by PennyCat

wearing clothes isnt that bad. i have a sweater that i wear when it is cold out!

Comment by daisydog

daisy, you will have to show us a picture!

Comment by goodbear

pickles looks good in pink! Seems like a good time was had by all, even bogey!

Comment by Checkers

Oh my goodness, a pink mini-skirt and gogo boots!

Comment by lavenderbay

i know! she’s so retro…in a high fashion border collie kind of way!

Comment by goodbear

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