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August 21, 2008, 2:55 pm
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i’m moving slowly today.  tired and not so motivated.

see this girl?

i washed her doggie bed a few days ago, but didn’t get to restuff it until last night.  within 60 seconds of it being on the floor she was napping.

but now she is sleeping at my feet under the desk.

and how’s cody bear, you ask?

he’s doing great!  that picture was taken yesterday, the day after his agility class.  he was still very happy.  he loves agility.  now he is laying in the same spot on his giant doggie bed, looking out the window, waiting to bark at some cats.

i am going to be late for work if i don’t hit the road.  later!


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Hi pretty babies.

Comment by Gina

Wow it looks like Pickles feels the same way I do, did she stay up late too?

Comment by PennyCat

pickles’ paws are most excellent. Re cody bear: are his teeth whiter or his tongue purpler than usual?

Comment by Checkers

holy cow checkers! how did you notice that? i switched his toothpaste brand, and he has stolen a couple of the puppy’s chews which he isn’t allowed to have because of his g.i. problems.

i can’t believe you noticed that.
i’m amazed.

Comment by goodbear

I can see Cody checking his Hello Kitty watch, waiting for Fluffy to appear…

Comment by lavenderbay

Precious Pickles! Cody Bear looks so handsome!

Comment by Mercedes

hello kitty watch! funny where do you come up with this stuff.

you guys, pickles and cody bear want you to know that they appreciate the compliments, and if you were to stop by the house right now, they would totally love on you and wag and show you their toys and ask you to scratch their backs.

Comment by goodbear

I think the stuff comes from the same portion of my brain that won’t sit still long enough to be properly gainfully employed for any length of time. There’s up sides and down sides…

That’d be great fun to pop over and scratch doggie backs and have a locally-brewed and check out the peridot-eyed bees and the ginormous beetles and the white-winged dovelets and the night-blooming cactus flower thingies and the tree flamingos. Gee, it’s fun to read your blog.

Comment by lavenderbay

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