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you guys are gonna kill me…
August 21, 2008, 7:07 am
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….if you don’t like bees

oh, and by the way…i have to mention ALL photos, text and content of any kind on this blog are property of starcraving and digitalmuzzle. that being said….check out these crazy ass tiny bees!!!

yes, that’s a gob of bees. you see, a couple nights ago i was outside with the dogs for one last peepers. i turned the maglite to a branch inches from my head and….it was teaming with about 600 tiny bees. last night they were still there, tonight…still there, but only about 1/3rd the bees. sad.

they’re small. here they are with my bee size comparison pen. (the official pen of cody bear’s friends)

oh, yes, …that IS my red t-shirt he’s on. let me explain.

before r. and a.h. tuned me in to the whole “friendly bee situation”, i would have freaked out. but now….around midnight, i’m outside in boxer shorts and an irish pub t-shirt, camera in hand, snippety snapping the writhing bees.

i came in after the first snaps, but moments later i felt something crawling within the red t-shirt realm. bee.

last night buzzybeegirl came over to snap photos with me. we both heard how loud these tine critters can bee for their size.

their size?

they’re small. i would say they’re somewhere between a grain of wild rice and a …another tiny thing!


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Hey, I love the new banner. That probably shows how long I have been gone. And those bee shots are amazing too. I can’t believe how green that fellow is. He looks like a jewel!

Comment by livingisdetail

Great photo! Is “gob of bees” one of those technical terms that buzzybeegirl has taught you?

Comment by Hannah (& Dave)

no. gob is my word. buzzy called it an aggregation.
tomato tomahto.

Comment by goodbear

Love the pen photo. Were the bees there again last night?

Comment by buzzybeegirl

How colourful they are, for such tiny things! Thanks for posting!

Comment by lavenderbay

I think having even a tiny bee crawling around inside my shirt would freak me out. Great pictures though!

Comment by jamesviscosi

[…] hundreds…yes, hundreds of male Agapostemon bees. If you don’t believe me, look at the photos that show only a fraction of the bundle o’ bees on a mesquite branch. Tonight, however, it […]

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