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lovely little pollinator guy!
August 22, 2008, 5:09 am
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so…tonight….a moth.  and the intention of posting this is so you can see that they are….CUTE!

bring it big guy!

i was volunteering at the animal shelter last night, helping with a class.  look who was on one of the cars when we went to pack up and leave!

admit it….he’s cute!

intersting, eh?


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How brilliant to take the picture as a side view! At first I thought he was a funny-coloured cicada. He has a completely different character from this point of view!

Comment by lavenderbay

Picture 2 is very cool. So is 1 but it also scares me some. I also am having trouble making it work…is that an eye?

Comment by Elizabeth

yes, it’s his eye. i think he looks like a cross between a bee and a mouse…

Comment by goodbear

You are becoming a real bugithologist!

Comment by Checkers

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